Ivan Madera, Chief Engagement Officer, Morf3D

Ivan Madera, Chief Executive Officer

Ivan is a passionate believer in Creatio Ex Nihilo— creation out of nothing, “and that’s good, because Additive Manufacturing is giving us capability as close to this philosophical idea as we’ve ever seen. The things we can create will have no boundaries.” Madera is a seasoned management consulting executive with a background in Fortune 500 Information Technology and business transformation. He has delivered multiple multi-million dollar efforts for multi-billion dollar global organizations. He has a keen ability to convey complex ideas in beautifully simple ways. He excels at laying out the plan and then coordinating the vision and team to get there efficiently and successfully.

Melissa Orme, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

Melissa has helped shape the future of additive manufacturing with her cutting-edge research on net-form manufacturing of metallic components. She is fully committed to “breaking the mold to reach new heights”, and as the inventor or co-inventor of 15 United States Patents, she is seeing additive manufacturing transform multiple industries. Melissa is experienced with bringing concepts to market and has championed the development of new technologies as a CEO in business start up environments. Her multiple accomplishments are a springboard to innovation and how Morf3D intends to help solve our clients’ most complex challenges.