Things move quickly in the rapidly changing landscape of Additive Manufacturing. We’re working to keep you informed of what’s happening both in the industry and right here at Morf3D.

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Advanced by Altair, RUAG and Morf3D

Altair, RUAG and Morf3D have recently entered a non-exclusive partnership for cooperation in advancing additive manufacturing (AM) for Aerospace applications.  The partnership will address the full additive manufacturing process including design, analysis, build, test and certification. The partnership aims to offer a start-to-finish service primarily to the Aerospace industry for AM including space, propulsion, aircraft…


New Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center Launch, El Segundo, CA

Oct 2015: El Segundo, CA. Morf3D is excited to announce the launch of our new site and Innovation Center! A modern and advanced additive manufacturing center focused on delivering value through strong collaboration, and a hands-on customer experience. Our in-house capabilities will feature the latest in: • DMLS & EBM Technology • Metallurgy Lab & Testing • Post…


RUAG Space Presentation

If you want to get a sense of the challenges and opportunities ahead with Additive Manufacturing for space, check out Franck Mouriaux’s presentation from the Altair Technology Conference.  Franck was a featured speaker addressing more than 1000 attendees. Altair’s conference is an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in their design and analysis tools…