Our Additive Smarts extend to a variety of industries that can benefit from using Additive Manufacturing.

An endless array of applications and uses exist that can be 3D printed or additively manufactured. During the Envision and Evolve phases, our engineering team will help identify opportunities and applications for additive manufacturing.
Our advisory professionals will also assist in identifying and developing new business models that can be created with the advent of Additive Manufacturing.

Industries Served

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace and Defense

Medical Health Care Industry

Medical Devices


Oil & Gas

Automotive Industry


Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Envision how additive manufacturing can help optimize your business.

Application Across Industries

  • Reduce manufacturing complexity of high-design parts

  • Decreased time to market with rapid prototyping

  • Printing of lightweight fixtures to assist manufacturing

  • Lightweight options

  • Reduced material cost

  • Shorten lead-time

  • Reduce tooling and mold cost

  • On-demand production

  • Reduce labor cost

  • Replacement parts

  • Complex geometries

  • Micro scale modeling

  • Small lot sizes