Morf3D’s service model was developed with an understanding that not all clients will have the same requirements nor possess the specialized expertise needed to support the additive lifecycle. Our goal is to become a natural and strategic extension that partners with you from initial concept through product serialization. With you in mind, we’ve deployed two simple approaches that facilitate a Customized, Open & Collaborative approach that helps educate and accelerate adoption.

“We do it with you” is a highly collaborative approach that works well for clients with initial concepts that would benefit from additional design considerations and input from our experienced engineering team. This approach also works well for projects with high complexity where additional interdisciplinary skills are required.

“We do it for you” is an approach that is typically used for time sensitive projects where additional engineering support is needed. Provide us with a set of predefined specifications and our team will quickly develop design concepts for your approval.


ConceptualizationAdvisory Services assist clients with the inception of an idea and establish expectations for what is and isn’t possible with Additive Manufacturing


Post ProcessingFinishing Services post-build surface treatment, heat treating, HIPing, and traditional machining and final finishing as required


Design & Part OptimizationEngineering Services provide specialized expertise in additive manufacturing design, improve design for better performance / mass reduction


Metallurgy Lab & InspectionLab Services test coupons, metallurgical examination for performance, hardness testing, and dimensional quality assessment – R&D of new materials


Metallic 3D PrintingManufacturing Services emergence of initial concept or optimized part from initial prototype through serialized production – contract manufacturing


Certification & Data AnalysisDocumentation Services collection of quality and build inputs, data analysis and documentation for part qualification and certification