Ivan Madera, Chief Engagement Officer, Morf3D

Ivan Madera, Chief Executive Officer

A change-maker in the Additive Manufacturing industry, Ivan Madera’s experience as an entrepreneur and executive leads him to invest in innovation. As the founder and CEO of Morf3D Inc – a thriving AM start-up within the fast-paced aerospace industry created in 2015– Ivan’s vision extends beyond Morf3d’s increasing footprint in Los Angeles. His company’s products have landed on the moon, orbited the earth, and strengthened the designs of customers like Boeing, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman and Collins Aerospace. Their unrivaled value begins with skilled engineering design and expert production then ends with strong, dependable customer communication.

Morf3D’s success originates with Ivan’s core values developed over his more than 20 years of experience as a management consulting executive. He believes in empowerment, consistency, strategic visioning, and leading leaders in complex endeavors. Ivan has a keen ability to convey complex ideas in beautifully simple ways, exceling at laying out a vision, and creating purposeful and meaningful partnerships that deliver win-win outcomes.

Just as additive parts are built layer-by-layer, transforming from nothing into effective and impressive structures, Ivan’s career has been shaped by his desire for growth. Ivan’s raised the bar for himself and his colleagues time and again, passionate about leaving a legacy of dynamic improvement.

“Coming forth from nothing, anything is possible”